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Are you dreaming of long and dense hair, but they just won’t grow to your desired length? Have you tried all of the “guaranteed” tricks for long, shiny and healthy-looking “shock of hair”, natural hair masks, food complements or even a change of your diet / your regime in general, and you still aren’t satisfied with the results? If so, salon UNIQUE is exactly what you’re looking for! In salon UNIQUE, we offer hair extension, therefore beautiful long hair is a matter of hours. Our hairdresser Adéla, who is a trained expert in hair extension with years of experience and also a winner of 2nd place in a national hair extension competition, will take care of you.

The extension itself is preceded by a FREE professional consultation. Based on your hair type and length, we will advise you with the shade, length, number of headsprings and subsequent maintenance of the prolonged hair. We will also decide on the exact price for hair extension / thickening.

We only use real natural top quality central-European hair for hair extension / thickening. Extension (or thickening) is carried out with the use of highly gentle keratin-bond method. The bond is heated with a special device and the headspring is applied to your own hair, with no harm to your own hair in the process. The bond is not visible. After some time, as the hair grows, it is possible to make an appointment for shifting of the applied headsprings back to their original place. It is also possible to remove or apply the hair repeatedly anytime. There is no problem with hair colouring, highlights or any other adjustment of your prolonged hair, thanks to the fact that we work with virgin (unprocessed) human hair.

Perfect results and professional approach are guaranteed.

Hair extension price list

length price (work included)
30–35 cm 100 CZK / headspring
35–40 cm 115 CZK / headsping
40-60 cm 120 CZK / headspring
60 cm + 130 CZK and more / headspring

shift of 1 headspring (removal & application) 40 CZK