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CUT Collection - Spring 2014

Our hairdressers’ presentation of the CUT Collection to trade professionals at the Prague L´Oréal Academy.

The hairstyles in this gallery are from the latest hairstyle collection for spring and summer 2014, first shown in Paris and subsequently presented by HCF members, including the Salon Unique hairdressers, at the L´Oréal Academy in the Czech Republic during a show for other hairdressers. You too can now enjoy this inspiration.

Short ladies’ style was created by Salon UNIQUE’s hairdresser Soňa. This cut involves a slight return to the androgynous style while still emitting a touch of femininity. The hair is long enough to allow changes to the final look by employing different types of combing and styling.

Long ladies’ style with a fringe was created by Salon UNIQUE’s hairdresser Lenka. This is a cut that brings back the fringe – the best fashion accessory to accentuate a woman’s eyes. The style is inspired by a seductive and confident woman whose hair is constantly in motion. What do you think, would it suit you too?